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Wendell Martin is truly a gifted healer of the highest order! I've known and worked with Wendell for a number of years and I must say it is always the highlight of my day! Wendell's ability to clearly "see" into the inter workings of my energy coupled with his compassionate "bedside" manner always leaves me feeling great as well as having new insights into my own process. Having been in Healing-Transformational work for some time myself and knowing when I'm in the presence of a true healer, a sense you'll have with Wendell, I whole heartedly recommend his gifts to anyone seeking insight/healing.

Kenton David Bell
House Of The Beloved
Healing-Transformation-Channel-Workshop Facilitator

I have been consulting with Wendell for over a year. He is one of the best readers I have encountered. He is consistently accurate and when asked has wonderful suggestions about ways to approach people and situations. His insights are very profound and have helped me enormously. He is very accessible and you don't have to wait weeks to talk to him. He is able to offer options to his clients to help them change the trajectory of an outcome they don't like or to look at a situation fom a new perspective so you are on a path that you feel good about being on. Wendell is kind and fun to talk to. He has definitely helped me to grow spiritually.

San Francisco


After two sessions with Wendell, I found a New Beginning and felt hopeful for the first time in a long time.

Wendell is very clear, compassionate and understanding. I felt safe working with him right away. He is a leading edge healer as he is able to see blocked energy and remove it.

My enthusiastic expression is one of gratitude to Wendell and the Company of Heaven for assisting me on my path at this time.

Sharyn Leigh
Sedona, Arizona

Working with Wendell Martin has brought a new clarity to my life and awareness. While we work, I easily move into the emotional space needed to facilitate shifts in my consciousness. His explanations of what he's doing and what he's seeing help to clarify my next step forward. Wendell does a good job of making the work he does concrete. Each session builds upon the previous, and my trust continues to grow. No matter how I feel when we start a session, I always feel great at the end!

Patrice Federspiel
Honolulu, Hawai'i

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