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What is Energetic Healing

Energetic healing takes many forms--reiki, healing touch, aura and chakra work and many other types of treatment. Behind all of them is the idea that the matter that makes up the physical body is supported by, bathed in, and possibly even created by subtle energy. This energy is can be sensed, and those with intuitive gifts and training can perceive and manipulate it. By releasing negative energy, bringing in new energy, and aligning and restructuring the energetic system, the emotions and the physical body can also be brought into balance and health.

People go to an energetic healer because they:

  • Are looking for a gentler more holistic approach to wellness
  • Have found that traditional Western medicine doesn't work for them
  • Know that there is a connection between mind and body
  • Wish to treat deeper causes of the disease, not just symptoms

From energetic healing people usually feel:

  • An increased sense of inner peace
  • An emotional release and clearing
  • Immediate subtle but substantive changes in their condition
  • Long-term amelioration of symptoms
  • Able to move forward

Further Reading

Anatomy of the Spirit was the first book on human energetics that I ever read. Caroline Myss does a monumental job of connecting the energetics of the body with their deeper meanings and their correlations to the sacraments and the kabbalah.
Hands of Light is the best textbook of energy healing that I have ever read. Though it reads much more like a textbook, it is thorough and very grounded. A must read for anyone looking to understand or learn how to do energy work.

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